Standardize all your
organizations processes from
board member to worker.

SmartManagement will help you keep track of your company processes . Standardise and digitalize every single step taken inside the company. From hour registration , to reports , quality management and lots more features take a step forward performance and standardisation.

Quality Management

Mantain a high quality management by keeping track of every step.

Resource Planner

Keep track of hours with the new Resource Planner

Deviation Management & Handling

Log and track deviations in your company.


Generate complex reports with custom filters.

Key Features

Process designer
Field service operations
Management operations
Hour registration
Open API for system integration
Mobile app with full offline support
Multilingual support
Deviation management and handling
Assist your organization in:
Exceeding expectations in terms of quality
Leadership involvement
Process based approach
Evidence-based decision-making
Knowledge gathering