Easy deviation handling register, analyze, improve & follow up for your business

By ensuring logging and tracking of deviations in your business you will facilitate the advantages of obtaining critical and quality data in a timely manner. Having the information provided live, with notifications and detailed reporting opportunities, it is possible to make the right decision, allocate the correct employees to perform appropriate actions in a timely matter.

Register deviations

Easy registration of deviations from all locations

Facilitates analyzing deviations

Analyze your deviations to better understand where you can improve.

Measure improvements

Generate reports view them and measure the improvements

Follow-up on deviations

The system facilitates different process flows or “recipients” of the deviation for different deviation categories.

Key Features

By introducing deviation handling in your business through the use of SmartDeviation you will be able to:

  • Identify costly work by tracking undesired actions
  • Identify effort conducted numerous times to correct the same issue
  • Eliminate frustration, time limits not met and risks potentially effecting both own employees and third persons
  • Identify noncompliance to the organizations process and routines
  • Facilitate adaptability by using the collected information in continuous process and routine improvement