Management and visibility portal capable of interacting with existing Building Control & Automation System.

Smart Automation is a portal that provides Alarm, Task, Incident & Calendar management, as well as change control for the entire buildings under a single Web or mobile interface. Smart Automation is entirely vendor independent.

Alarm Management

Alarm and Tasks messages are generated from users and automated processes alike.

Task Management

All alarms and messages can be converted to tasks and sent to the appropriate operations personnel.

Energy Management

Smart Automation is designed to connect to EOS systems if required. The EOS system can be set to limits energy consumption on multiple buildings and report data back to Smart Automation.


Various type of reports can be generated based on the data fed into the portal.

Key Features

The solution is delivered as a service to the public/private sector and in multiple languages.

The main goal of the solution is to streamline building operations, reducing energy consumption and improve alarm and task management.

Smart Automation have been developed in collaboration with leading manufacturers of automation solutions, municipalities, estate developers and Innovation Norway / Research. The solution was put into operation in 2014, and is subject to continuous development and adaptation to various systems and solutions. As of 01/01/2015 the solution is integrated with over 50 different systems.