.dextro / Varme & Bad




The Varme & Bad chain needed a solution tailored to the needs of their members. Through a series of workshops, a detailed specification was developed for the first version of the HSEQ - PL system. By using SCRUM as a methodology for the delivery, we ensured that the delivery was exactly according to the customer's description and needs.


The solution has been developed with the plumber in focus and ensures an excellent combination of quality and efficiency. A full-fledged quality system.

.dextro has a web part used by administrative people as project managers. The app is used by plumbers and is also available offline for working without coverage.

The solution is delivered as a multi-tenant cloud solution and therefore it only takes a few minutes to set up a new user. Furthermore, the solution is integrated with all the plumbing companies’ office systems and synchronizes thousands of orders, products, users, documents, and customers every day.

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