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Smart City

We are a nordic supplier of SmartCity solutions and services. We have provided services within digitization and SmartCity to municipalities since 2013 and collaborates with a wide range of local, national and international actors. The core is an IOT or SmartCity portal.

Please have a look at Smart city portal for Stavanger kommune: http://stavanger.smartcity.as
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Digitization and Smart City concepts

The Smart City portal provides information and decision support to residents, administration and politicians. The information provided is determined by each municipality, but this is typical municipality specific information about: society, business and economy, culture and sports, mobility, environment and health, events or activities in the city.


The Smart city portal provides information about, society, business and economy. The information provided will be customized to the relevant municipality.


Mobility and transport are crucial for a city to function properly. Monitoring traffic, collaborative transport models and social transport apps help tackle traffic congestion.


Publish data from sensors. This can be anythihng from water level sensor (flood warning), snow depth, weather, traffic, CO2 or other environmental measurements.

Smart City portal for the municipality

The portal is a tool for municipal employees in many ways.

  • Dashboard with real-time information about the status of the municipality. The solution allows you to pre-define which information that is available for the municipal employees, and what will be available for residents.
  • History and statistics
  • Development and trends

Smart City portal for citizens

The Customized information that is relevant to me, the user of the city.

  • My page: Citizens can choose which information they want to see. Renovation calendars, school holidays, environmental measurements, traffic or public transport. Inndor climate in schools. Upcoming activities in the community – whatever you find relevant.
  • Submit your feed back to the municipality – faults, suggestions.
  • Digital communication – follow all cases and have a full history of the communication path. Payment for municipal services – rental of premises, equipment, building permits, etc. Uploading your sensor data.