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Smart Vacation Planner

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Smart Vacation Planner

Smart Vacation Planner helps your business track your employees vacation. Reduce time spent on planning by ensuring all holidays are logged in one system. Employees will log their own vacation and managers only have to approve the holiday. Want to know more about Smart Vacation Planner?

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Smart Vacation Planning

Register vacation

Easily log vacation by selecting the desired periode in the calendar. The dashboard will also keep you on track of your colleagues vacation.


Managers will get notifications by e-mail for pending vacation approval requests.


Will give you an overview over your vacation. How much you have spent and how much vacation you have left.


  • Generate powerfull vacation reports
  • Keep track of vacation planning – even when plans change
  • Multilingual
  • Approve pending vacation requests
  • Cloudbased

Key features

Multilingual Using Smart Vacation Planner will allow you to schedule, communicatio and get the work done when it comes to organizing vacations for your employees. Forget the struggle of Excel tables or submitting paperwork for vacation  requests. Our vacation planner is a flexible tool that covers the organisations needs regardless of size and business area.