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Organizations that seek efficient operations and reduced costs need to track their equipment. Tracking assets also increases productivity and ensures you stay on top of repair and maintenance schedules. SmartQuip provides control and overview of the equipment and brings clarity to the way you manage your projects. We are happy to provide useful tips and best practices for your organization in order to get started with digitized tracking.

Complete equipment tracking

Equipment overview

Discover how your tool is being used, when and by whom.

Project Overview

Keep an eye on the equipment that projects need. 


Be able to track and get periodic reports on how the equipment is being used.

Notifications for maintentance

Never miss out on your maintenance / re-certification dates


  • Equipment overview
  • Project overview
  • Employees overview
  • Notifications for maintenance dates
  • Efficient, smart and secure solution

Key Features

SmartQuip is 100% web based and delivered as a service. No installation or administration is required. It can be used on the web and as an APP for Android. EDIT

In order to have a clear perception of this situation, we invite you to ask yourself the following questions:
  • How much money is wasted yearly due to the lack of knowledge in this field?
  • How does untracking influence the maintenance and life span of the equipment?
  • How do you appreciate which tools need to be returned when a project finishes?
  • How are your projects affected by the loss and misuse of expensive equipment?
  • How do you decide what employees have to give back upon their resignation?