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Smart Management

Using SmartManagement as a tool in your organization will save you for time and effort spent on never ending paperwork. The system is easy to use, improves your documentation and enables you to continually improve your work processes.

The system is developed as a flexible tool that covers the organizations needs regardless of size and business area. It is 100% skybased and requries no installation. Want to know more about Smart Management?

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Standardize processes

Digitize checklists

Digitize checklists and get fast and easy access to pre-defined work processes.

Improve efficiency

Easy access to important checklists can speed up customer service, enhance document sharing and increase productivity.

Guarantees quality

Standardization of your processes will improve quality and reduce costs.


  • Less paperwork –  more time to focus on improving work processes
  • Better collaboration between management, employees and suppliers
  • Create workflows for your own organization
  • Deviation management – log and track deviations in your company
  • Automatically generated documentation
  • Exceeding expectations in terms of quality
  • Flexible tool that covers the organizations needs regardless of size and business area
  • Effective project management tool


  • Simple integration – available API
  • Available on desktop and app 
  • Track and asess productivity and growth through resource management and reporting
  • Sentral storage of files – easy access from anywhere
  • Multilanguage – English and Norwegian out of the box 
  • Offline functionality 
  • Hour registration
  • All integrations

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