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Questions about Smart Deviation? Please read our FAQ`s

How to use Smart Deviation? Please have a look at our video tutorials.

More questions? Please contact our service desk.

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Why should you use Smart Deviation / How does Smart Deviation help you?

You can simply report one issue or prevent an incident from happening by sending one deviation and add a severity and description . SmartDeviation is an application that can be used both on web and mobile and you can track your deviation status at any moment.

I dont remember my credentials what can I do?

Please contact our service desk at via FreshdeskThey will be happy to assist.

How can I create an organization?

From the login page. Simply click sign up for a new organization.

What is a deviation?

This part of the menu is where you actually register a deviation. You simply click on “New” and a new window will be displayed. From here you can add the documentation needed in order to register your deviation. You can also add participants to your case, for example a client or a subcontractor.

To whom can I send deviatons?

You can send deviations to internal and external receipients.

The incident / event occured in the past without being reported. What can I do?

You can easily make a deviation with a date back in time and register/report the situation.

How many groups can my organization have?

Three groups: Administrator, Manager and user. In order to register a new user you have to complete the mandatory fields and press save. You can always enable or disable a user if you are an admin. Similar with the deviations, you can modify a user by clicking his name from the table with the users list.

Which language is SmartDeviation available in for users?

Smart Deviation is currently available in two languages (English and Norwegian). If you would like to include your language please contact us.

You can choose which language the user will use and give him access to parts of the application by choosing a role from the group list.

Who can see my deviation?

As an administrator you will be able to see all deviations sent in your organization. The Manager is able to see deviations which has been sent by users and managers who belong to the same organization.  Users can only see their own registered deviations.

I would like to inform the customer in a deviation about one matter that I just sent. How can I proceed?

Alert customer thorugh e-mail and he will receive feedback from your side.

How many types of deviations can I have?

You can establish by yourself how many types and subtypes of deviations your team will use.

How can I view and print reports?

Go to reports. There you will have a search filter where you can choose a period (from date – to date) when the deviations were created. You can also choose the deviation type and the status. After you entered the filter you wanted you simply click on the GO button and below you will get all the deviations matching your filters. If you don`t have deviations which correspond with the filter you will get a message about this. The “Excel” button will export you a file with the result of the search.

Costs were implied because of an incident that occured.

You will be able to manage and establish costs for your entire organization and include them in your deviation.

I need to inform / invite someone who does not belong to my organization. Can I send invitations to external users?

You can send invitations to users who are not registered in your organization and inform them.

You have a great idea and want to apply it in you SmartDeviation application?

Please send us a request on our contact page. We are continiously improving our application to fit your needs.