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Using Smart Deviation as a tool in you organization will save you for time and effort conducted numerous times to correct the same issue. The system is easy to use, improves your documentation and enables you to continually improve your work processes. Smart Deviation focuses on the important principles of ISO standards and is a flexible tool that covers the organizations needs regardless of size and business area. Want to know more about Smart Deviation?

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Complete deviation system

Register deviations

Easy registration of deviations from all locations.

Analyze deviations

Analyze your deviations to better understand where you can improve.

Measure improvements

Generate reports and measure the improvements.

Follow up on deviations

Contribute to routine improvement.


  • Ensures logging and tracking of deviations
  • Facilitate process and routine improvement
  • Learn to understand why deviations happen and what their consequenses are
  • Identify costly work by tracking undesired actions
  • Effective documentation 
  • Improving work processes
  • Document and report HSE deviations and incidents
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The deviation system supports

  • Easy registration of all types of deviations. Available on desktop and as an app
  • Preventing recurring deviatons by implementing corrective actions
  • Streamline by developing standard handling of exceptions that often occur
  • Multilanguage – available in english and norwegian
  • Contribute to continious improvement culture
  • Easy to integrate