F5 IT AS has specialist expertise in integrations which is an important success criterion in the development of tailor-made application solutions. F5 IT AS has developed its own integration tool SmartAgent which makes it easy to integrate with any solution. It is a tool for fast, secure, and smooth system integration, and gives full control over all job performances. Smart Agent is compatible with web and is used in all our solutions and projects. The solution makes it easy to connect "legacy" systems with modern cloud-based solutions.

Advantages of our integrations:
  • High security - we have many clients in banking and finance, who represent perhaps the industry with the highest requirements for security.
  • Connects cloud solutions - talks directly to locally installed solutions.
  • Two-way integration.
  • Reads data from technical equipment.
  • Live integrations - event-based integration.
  • Read databases, SQL, NOSQL (document databases).
  • Supports all API types of Rest, Soap and file-based APIs.
Examples of established integrations with external solutions

Our applications have integration solutions with a number of external systems such as Sharepoint, APX, Tradex, Saga, Tempus, NETS, Vipps, Visma Global, Visma Business, Tripletex, Cordel, Xledger, Didac, Unimicro, Bullhorn, VB Smart,, The Brønnøysund Register Center, WooCommerce, Rambase and many more.