SmartManagement is a user-friendly and innovative quality and management system with all the tools you need to ensure good control of your company's processes. Spend less time on paperwork and more time on execution and process improvement.

The solution ensures streamlined workmanship with high quality. All employees work according to the same methodology, work performed is quickly and thoroughly documented and customers receive a professional final report that shows the entire job performance from beginning to end.

SmartManagement can be used to be certified at ISO 9001.

Project management

Effective project management tool, plan projects, map activities, define processes and milestones, register work orders and handle nonconformities.

Work order management

Digitized orders with associated checklists for standardized execution of assignments. Including functions for administration, allocation, interaction with customers and suppliers, notifications, registration of materials and hours, reporting with all necessary documentation, etc.

Process list designer

Create and edit your own processes as well as digital checklists through a separate process designer. Can be used at different levels such as organization, user, project, and work order. Events can be linked to response options in a process/checklist version and can, for example, be taking a picture or signing. Shortcut functionality is available via the app for individual customization and streamlining.

Deviation management

Easy registration, overview, and follow-up of deviations for continuous improvement of work processes. Functions for allocation and further processing, tracking back to orders and checklists, uploading attachments, etc.

Resource planning

Get a good overview of your resources in connection with planning jobs and assignments for your customers.


Simple CRM functionality that contains all the most important functions for you to be able to follow up activities towards your customers.

Reporting and document management

Reports on deviations, orders, customers, completion, and other desired data in the solution. Upload and make available all types of documentation and reports. Topic tag functionality for comments, numbering for audit purposes, dating, etc.


Hour registration, product registration, etc.

  • Available on web and app, and with offline support for App.
  • Cloud-based storage and encrypted upload with virtually unlimited storage space.
  • Open API for easy integration with other systems. Standardized integration with Tripletex.
  • Supports multiple languages. (Norwegian and English are standard).