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Team coordinator on Project A needs a pneumatic concrete chainsaw.

The company owns three of them but no one knows which employees actually has them. In SmartQuip you will be able to find that these three concrete saws are being used on projects B, C and D – and therefore there is no need to buy or rent new ones.

An employee borrows a drill and claims he has returned it
No office can confirm this, and other staff members have doubts that the drill has been returned. Fortunately, he knew that the company used SmartQuip, so he made sure that the team member who received the drill registered re-delivery – in this situation there are some discussions to be made in order to see where the equipment has been placed and who needs to take responsibility for the misplacement.
There has been greater theft on site

Fortunately, the project leader can run a report from SmartQuip showing all the equipment sold in the project. The report will also include the serial number of the most expensive equipment – this kind of data is of great help to the police and insurance company in further investigations and settlements.

Project A is an offshore collaboration

In this context the logistics must be planned carefully, both to and from the project. In addition, four surface treatments require certified climbing harnesses. In SmartQuip you get a clear glance at the project and see if the climbing harnesses have a valid certification, whether they must be recertified or taken out of use completely. Furthermore, it is easy to check if all equipment is in place in the container that has returned from the platform.

An employee resigns
SmartQuip will be of great help when HR needs to terminate employment. Let’s say a former staff member has been given workwear. This should not be returned, but expensive tools which he received two months ago must be given back or drawn out of his salary.
Auditors request reports for last year`s purchases and wastage of tools and equipment
The accounting department can easily take out a report on what equipment has been registered as lost or damaged / worn. In addition to an overview of loss and usage, they will also have a summary of the acquisition date and manufacturer. This kind of report would be very useful in acquiring certain valuable and cost saving information. You will be able to see that, for example, tool from vendor X has a short life span and is more profitable to rent than to own, or that the company rents some equipment for a long period of time and it would be much more profitable to own it.
Department manager has just resigned
SmartQuip will easily give the new leader an overview of the equipment his department owns and which tools have been rented from others. This way, he can make plans for future purchases or have a proper image of what equipment is available right away.
Team manager on project has finalized his activity
As part of the project ending, he can run a report from SmartQuip on all equipment that has been allocated to Project A. When he discovers that two contract workers have not returned the impact drill and hydraulic concrete saw, he can make a phone call and ensure the equipment is put back into place.