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In this rapid-changing world of software development it’s extremely important to keep up with current technologies. We choose our partners carefully and are pleased to have Microsoft as one of our most important technology partners.

About F5 IT

F5IT is a software-as-a-service company developing user friendly cross platform applications as well as custom software solutions.

The F5IT delivery team includes front-end developers, graphic designers, UI/UX designers, back-end developers, testers, support technicians as well as business analysts and project managers.

Our business analysts are experienced in clarifying and understanding different Client needs and specify software requirements into a Product Definition Document (PDD). The PDD is an important tool for the Project Manager to lead the software development process sucessfully, from consept, development, deployment to support phase.

Our Agile software development methodology and Scrum process framework enable requirements and solutions to evolve smoothly through collaboration between the project delivery team and client organization. With a unique focus on building strong, collaborative relationships with our Clients, F5IT has created a solid reputation for exceeding our client expectations with quality work and fast delivery turnaround.

Trusted by big companies

F5 IT is specialized to offer services and concepts for digitalizing entire companies. Our core deliveries consist in custom software solutions, software products and enterprise application integrations for companies.

We have gained invaluable experience working across a wide range of industry sectors, including Bank & Finance, Construction, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Energy, Manufacturing, Public service, Retail, Real estate, Service, Shipping, Travel and Tourism and Telecom & Media. We’re aware that every industry requires a specific approach and we tailor our product and services to each industry standards and ensure regulatory compliance. However, equally important is how we`ve learned to combine expertise from different industries to deliver cost efficient solutions through transforming tailor made industry solutions to generic products which can be utilized in all industries.

Key Technologies

We stay at the forefront of our industry by continuously incorporating the latest innovations in our software development. We are working with latest technologies, including .NET, Apache Cordova, C#, Web Services, WCF, Angular2, Bootstrap, HTML5, SASS and CSS3. F5 IT develops next generation of mobile applications for IOS, Android and Windows Phone.
F5 IT software applications are based on a multi-tier architecture:
Presentation layer: The graphical user interface presented to the user
Service layer (Rest-service APIs): The APIs use by the presentation layer for data
Business layer – Components that implement the business logic for the Rest-service layer
Data layer – Data storage and access layer, used by the business layer for accessing stored data

Business Attitude

Our Business Attitude is what makes us unique and can be summed up by the word CARE : Commitment, Adaptable, Results and Enjoy.
Technology is rapidly developed and changing the way things get done across industries. To be Adaptable, embracing new technology is a critical Key to ensuring competitiveness. Adaptable and Development means we have to change and implement changes as a part of core business operations. We have been working with a lot of companies, Research Councils, local municipalities and universities to create innovative solutions. We are focused on long-term relationships, as we believe the longer we work together, the more efficient and productive our relationship becomes. F5 IT cares about communication, both internally through team meetings, knowledge sharing and externally through close cooperation with client-side project owners.


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